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Webinar Recording From 5/12/14

The video below is a recording from this past weekends webinar. Questions were submitted by Stockhaven users and are posted beneath the video.

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1) What are your thoughts on placing strategies such as straddles/strangles say a week or more prior to ER in likely anticipation of a rise in IV and then sell off your position before the actual ER?

2) With spreads/verticals, how common or likely is it where you could be assigned for the portion of the leg that you sold?  Is it better to sell off a losing leg as you anticipate the underlying to go your direction or just the entire position itself?  And the assignment possibility is the 1 major concern in which it has prevented me from utilizing such strategies.  I don’t quite fully grasp when that could happen or why and what to do if it does occur as I have never seen a real life example.  Any light on this would definitely help.

3) How can you tell when to short a stock when looking at the level 2? How do you hit the ASK and BID price when buy a stock?

4) is there a sweet spot, i mean a magic number in the amount of shares you buy when doing penny stocks to make a profit? or is there a  number that you should invest when doing penny stocks to make a profit?

5) How do you go about trading options early in the week (Monday, Tuesday) vs. late in the week (Thursday, Friday) since the volatility is so different? Meaning that time decay isn’t as prevalent early in the week so the stocks have to move more (percentage wise) in order for you to get the same return instead of Thursday, Friday options where the stocks only have to move a fraction of a percentage for you to get that same return. I have trouble getting larger returns early in the week because of this (not to mention the premium is a lot more) so I only trade Wed, Thurs, Fri options.

6) How big is the monitor you’re trading on? Do you recommend having dual monitors (21.5″ or so) or just having one large monitor (24-27″)?

7) Do you ever get eye strain from staring at your monitor for so long? If so, how do you relieve it? If not, then what settings should a monitor have to prevent it? (I.e brightness, contrast, resolution, PPI, response time, htz, etc.).

8) What have you found the best trading environment to trade in? (Dark room, Light room, etc.)

9) Are the summer months harder to trade in ? If so, would you advise that a novice trader begin trading during the summer?

10) What do you consider to be the most important thing that you do that makes you a successful trader?

11) How does one go about tracking and charting sectors?

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